Directed By Rod Oden

February 16 - March 2, 2024
Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm
Sunday, February 25 at 2:30pm

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Sport produces great human drama and there is no greater sports icon to bring to theatrical life than Hall of Fame football coach Vince Lombardi, unquestionably one of the most inspirational and quotable personalities of all time. Though football’s Super Bowl trophy is named after him, few know the real story of Lombardi the man—his inspirations, his passions, and his ability to drive people to achieve what they never thought possible.


Written by

Eric Simonson

Based on the book When Pride Still Mattered — A Life of Vince Lombardi 
written by

David Maraniss


  • Vince Lombardi - JC Britt
  • Marie Lombardi - Raquel Oden
  • Michael McCormick - Brayden Daugherty
  • Dave Robinson - Andrew Monroe
  • Jim Taylor - Matty Montes


“I know nothing about football, but LOMBARDI held my attention from start to finish. I thought of my brother, a regular guy from a small Missouri town. I’d take him without a moment’s hesitation. An extremely well-crafted piece of intelligent theater.” —Wall Street Journal.

“LOMBARDI is theatrical catnip for husbands and boyfriends otherwise reluctant to see most Broadway shows: Football! Vince Lombardi! The legendary Packers!” —Associated Press.

“There’s enough flexibility in the text and performances that we see Lombardi as a tactical genius one minute and a screaming buffoon the next. His human flaws, alongside his talent, complete him…Lombardi is solid playing in every sense of the word.” —Time Out NY.

“LOMBARDI scores!” —NY Daily News.