August 11 - 26, 2023
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“See how they run.”

After a local woman is murdered, the guests and staff at Monkswell Manor find themselves stranded during a snowstorm. It soon becomes clear that the killer is among them, and the seven strangers grow increasingly suspicious of one another. A police detective, arriving on skis, interrogates the suspects: the newlyweds running the house; a spinster with a curious background; an architect who seems better equipped to be a chef; a retired Army major; a strange little man who claims his car has overturned in a drift; and a jurist who makes life miserable for everyone. When a second murder takes place, tensions and fears escalate. This record-breaking murder mystery features a brilliant surprise finish from Dame Agatha Christie, the foremost mystery writer of her time.


Written by

Dame Agatha Christie



A newlywed who has inherited Monkswell Manor and has opened it as a guesthouse with her husband. A hospitable and warm, if slightly naive, hostess and cook.


The more cautious proprietor of Monkswell Manor. Supportive of his wife, but less thrilled to run a guesthouse. A traditional gentleman who’s quick to judge his guests.


A young architect with a flamboyant and often inappropriate sense of humor. His energetic conversation can appear both lighthearted and sinister.


A retiree whose acerbic tone makes her a challenging guest. Strong-willed and uncompromising, with high expectations. Pleased only when expressing disappointment.


An affable guest who is willing to help his hosts cope with the consequences of the snowstorm. Retired from the army, steady and calm in the face of conflict.


A modern and somewhat aloof young woman travelling on business. Unwilling to discuss private matters and disinterested in the opinion of her fellow guests.


A roguish gentleman who is not forthcoming about his reasons for being there. Delights in the guests’ uncertainty and pays particular attention to his hostess, Mollie.


The young detective assigned to reach Monkswell Manor and report on the situation as it unfolds. Determined and authoritative in his pursuit of the truth.


“A masterpiece... Of all the stage versions of Christie’s books, The Mousetrap is by far the best.” – The Chicago Tribune

“A still-marvelous whodunit... fiendishly fabulous... The Moustrap deserves to make a killing.” – Chicago Sun-Times

“The Mousetrap, of course, is a masterpiece of misdirection. Thriller writers are like magicians and mind readers; the best of them constantly persuade you to look in the wrong direction, to think about anything but the actual logic of the plot. Of all the stage versions of Christie’s books, The Mousetrap is by far the best, perhaps because of its genesis as a radio play. – The Chicago Tribune