Summer Internship

Lee Street theatre is proud to provide a comprehensive intern program that focuses on all aspects of theatrical production, while still giving the intern an opportunity to focus on a certain area to increase their professional resume.

From marketing to production work and design, Lee Street proudly offers an environment for creativity and growth wherever an intern arrives in our program.

Lee Street;s 50 X 50 Blackbox, industrial-concept lobby, off-site full scenic studio, and mirror lined rehearsal hall provides a welcoming and creative environment for opportunities for educational and production development.

Lee Street is proud to offer an internship with housing and weekly stipend included. These opportunities give the intern a chance to know what it feels like to work in a “real-world” scenario for theatre operation and employment, while also providing an environment that allows for bonding and education with fellow interns, staff and the larger community at Lee Street.

Whatever your interest area, lee Street theatre is a supportive, artistic community theatre that wants you to join us in our unique and challenging vision, our ambitious and exciting endeavors, and our friendly and sincere community theatre family!

If you have interest in applying for the Lee Street 2021 Summer internship, please email Cover Letter, Resume and Portfolio materials, making sure you specify the area you are looking to intern in to Executive Director, Rod Oden.

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