Written by Heidi Schrek

Fridays and Saturday
March 8 & 9, 2024
At 7:30PM

"How literally should we adhere to a document that was signed by just 39 people -- all men, all white, all property owners and many of slave owners at that -- some 250 years later?"

Following a smash run on Broadway, Heidi Schreck’s timely, hilarious and deeply felt play breathes new life into our country’s most important document. Fifteen-year-old Heidi Schreck paid her college tuition by speaking in debate competitions across the country; now older, she tells the story of four generations of extraordinary women in her family whose lives were shaped by the Constitution. The New York Times hails it as the “best and most important new play of the season.” And Time Out New York says it’s “something every citizen must see.”

Join this incredible cast including the powerful local talents of Lori VanWallendael, Robert Brafford and Salisbury High School's Ayazhane Wells as they spend an evening deep-diving and debating with the audience. Directed by Lee Street's Executive Artistic Director Rod Oden.


Written by

Heidi Schrek

Production Staff

Rod Oden

Director & Designer


Lori Van Wallendael


Robert Brafford

The Legionnaire/Mike

Ayazhane Wells

The Student Debater


“Endearingly funny and deeply affecting... It would be hard to identify a work for the theater with its finger more on the pulse of America right now.” – Peter Marks, The Washington Post

What the Constitution Means to Me is one of the things we always say we want theater to be: an act of civic engagement. It restarts an argument many of us forgot we even needed to have.” – Jesse Green, The New York Times