Event Rental opportunities

Lee Street Theater & Performing Arts Center at the Tom & Martha Smith Event Center

Create your own experience with Lee Street theatre. Whether you are planning a wedding, reception, business conference, or birthday party, we will work with you to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Our 9,000 square foot performing arts center offers one of the most flexible and unique spaces in North Carolina. We understand that every event is different so we offer individual attention to fit each event.

Front of House Rental

75 people max

This option includes our deck, lobby, and ‘Limelight’ bar & lounge. This option is perfect for spring, summer, & fall when the weather is nice. Great for small reunions, parties, or cocktail events.


Small Event Rental

175 people max

This option includes deck, lobby, ‘Limelight’ bar & lounge, and the ‘Cobb-Hubbard Rehearsal Room’. This option is good for small lunch/dinner parties or small presentation/conference events.


Full Event Center Rental

400 people max

This option includes full use of Lee Street Theater & Performing Arts Center at the Tom & Martha Smith Event Center. Get all of the spaces above for one rate.. The ‘Lee Wallace Family Theater’ Space seats a maximum of 250, so this total includes 3 separate spaces.


Please be aware that we cannot accommodate walk-up tours of our facility – all tours are by appointment only.

* Rates listed above are not all inclusive. This total includes a 20% Cleaning Fee and a $120 Rental Manager Fee. The Rental Manager is limited to 3 hours of prep work with the LESSEE for anything related to the event (i.e. emails, tours, design meetings and any further meetings). Additional time can be arranged if needed for an additional fee. The Cleaning Fee insures that the LESSOR will provide the LESSEE with a clean facility. For any questions about the cost, and fees please contact the office.*