Thanks to all of our donors:

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Dear Friends, Patrons, Sponsors:

We need your help!

Two major theater venues in Salisbury have come together in a collaborative effort to make this urgent appeal to our supporters. With our statewide stay-at-home mandate, we are unable to produce any of our planned performances at this time. While our revenue streams have dried up, our expenses have not gone away. Funds raised from this appeal will be shared evenly by our two organizations. The Boards of both Lee Street Theatre and Piedmont Players Theatre are in complete and unanimous support of this joint effort.

We are very fortunate to live in a community so rich in the arts. In order to maintain that rich culture after this pandemic has passed, we need to support our organizations during the crisis. Our world is experiencing something unlike any of us have ever seen in our lifetimes. Our two organizations stand together in solidarity as we strive to preserve performance arts in Salisbury.

The old adage “The show must go on” is true, until it is not. Your community theater needs your financial support now more than ever to ensure we can open our buildings and turn the stage lights on again. The immediacy of your financial assistance is needed to help us pay our essential bills and staffing and continue creative programming. With your help, we will open when this is over.

Please consider giving any amount you are able, whether it's a one-time or a sustaining monthly gift. Your donation will go far in keeping our vibrant theater community alive in Salisbury. Your monthly budget may include funds for entertainment: consider using those funds to ensure these venues will be here when this crisis has passed. Our community has always pulled together to accomplish great things. Help Lee Street Theatre. Help Piedmont Players. Help Theatre Salisbury.

Thank you!
The Boards of Directors of Lee Street Theatre and Piedmont Players Theatre