Written by Bo List
Directed by Melissa Tarduno

Recorded for Streaming
October 29 - 31 at 7:30pm


“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.”

Victor Frankenstein awakens on the Archangel—captained by Robert Walton of London. The ship is frozen in place near the Arctic Circle, and Walton's men are on the verge of mutiny. Walton, though, dreams of being the first to reach the North Pole. Frankenstein, delirious from fatigue and hunger, cautions Walton against arrogance. Frankenstein knows the dark consequences of unchecked pride better than anyone. Years before, young and optimistic Victor decides to embark from Geneva to University at Ingolstadt. His studies consume him, leading him to experiments that could benefit all humankind—or perhaps destroy it altogether. He builds a man composed of the reassembled dead, but the result is hideous and an abominable mockery of Victor's higher intentions.

Victor tries to dispose of his creation, but it escapes into the dark night. Frankenstein's creature wanders through Germany, beaten and scorned, until a kindly blind man, De Lacey, takes him in and teaches him to speak and to read. The creature's happiness is short-lived. He is driven from his newfound home by frightened villagers and vows revenge on the creator who brought him to life. The creature finds Victor, happy again in Geneva, and develops a plan that will bring him a companion as horrifying as he, exacting terrible punishment against the man who made him a monster.


Production Staff


Melissa Tarduno

Costume Designer

Beth Bentley

Technical Director/Production Designer

Rod Oden


Malachi Gilbert & John Rosko


Eva Rosko


"A wildly atmospheric, emotionally haunting production." -Lexington Herald-Leader

"A graphic retelling of the Frankenstein story filled with empathetic characters and a true monster who quotes Milton and the Bible."


Thank you for your contribution to the arts at Lee Street!